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There is one specific license in Canada that ensures more than any other that gambling platforms act as they should. This license is called Kahnawake, which has repeatedly demonstrated that it is a serious and well-respected authority within the iGaming industry.

Today we’ll be analyzing the Kahnawake Gaming Commission casinos and how they are viewed across the market. But first, feel free to check out the best online casinos in Canada on our list that carry the license. We can assure you that you will find only the best gambling sites in 2021 so that you will always have a casino Kahnawake within a click.

But first, let’s see how this license stands up to the others in our review!

Kahnawake Laws and Regulations for Canadian Online Casinos

When talking about legendary names in online gambling, the initials of KGC are bound to appear. This is because the Kahnawake Gambling Commission was born in 1996, setting an example for other online regulatory authorities.

Of course, any Kahnawake casino online you visit is going to be in Canada. KGC does not work internationally as they are 100% committed to the safety of Canadian players.

In fact, the gambling license can be compared with the most respected ones, such as the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission. They are all there to both protect players and help them in complicated situations with the casinos.

What Types of Gambling Is Licensed by the Kahnawake Commission

You need to know about a casino Kahnawake because there are different licenses to comply with each gambling law. These licenses are called Client Provider Authorization (CPA), Key Person License (KPL), Interactive Gaming License (IGL), Live Dealer Studio Authorization (LDSA), Inter-Jurisdictional Authorization (IJA), and the Casino Software Provider Authorization (CSPA).

Let’s take a brief look at what each one is for:

  • CPA - This can be the primary license given to online operators. As soon as a site has this license, they are called an Authorized Client Provider.
  • KPL - This license is given to at least one person who fulfills the management or operational functions within a casino Kahnawake with a CPA license. However, this license is entirely confidential.
  • IGL - This license is the equivalent of the CPA license, but also for land-based casinos.
  • LDSA - Operators who want to offer live games with real dealers and physical studios have to acquire this license. Only then will they be able to offer live games in Canada.
  • IJA - Platforms that already have a license from another jurisdiction can acquire this license. IJA will act as a complimentary license, which is the way to offer the services in Canada.
  • CSPA - The last license is intended more for operators who want to offer their services and offer their services to third parties. This is, of course, Kahnawake’s most comprehensive license.

Licensing Principles of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission

Whether for a slots game or general services, KGC takes its principles very seriously. Its licenses are made to help and also regulate the growth of the industry in Canada.

All online activities involving gambling at a Kahnawake casino online are conducted from Kahnawake, complying with the jurisdictions and these fundamental principles:

  • Comply legally with all laws that come from Kahnawake’s jurisdictions.
  • Ensure that everything that happens online is done fairly, responsibly, and honestly.
  • Ensure that no online activity is associated with criminal acts.
  • Ensure that every Kahnawake casino behaves transparently and honestly with its customers and members.
  • Protect minors and vulnerable individuals from exposure to addiction and problematic online gambling.

Requirements for a Kahnawake Game License

Getting a license from a respected authority has its complications and hassles. Although, this can really apply to all governmental procedures. An operator has to prove where their funds come from, whether they are competent in the market, and, of course, their identity.

This implies that one also must submit ID documents, proof of income, professional references, proof of address, and application form. What KGC does next is carefully analyzes all these documents. But not only that, every single authorized person of a platform that wishes to become a Kahnawake casino has to submit the following documents:

  • Criminal record
  • Passport copy
  • Birth certificate
  • Bank references
  • Personal financial statements
  • Utility bills
  • Description of games and software
  • RNG application & fairness
  • Hosting of servers in Kahnawake

How Much Does a Casino Kahnawake License Cost

Getting a gambling license can be quite costly. Although it is now almost mandatory to be licensed by regulatory authorities, operators have to dig deep into their pockets to get the approval of Canada’s most prominent authority. The application fee of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission is a hefty 40,000 USD. Only having paid that amount in the first year of operation, a site will have the right to call itself a Kahnawake casino online.

Even if it is only a one-year collaboration with the Kahnawake Online Gambling License, this includes administration, licensing, compliance, regulatory, and fiscal considerations. Other licenses vary in price, with KGC’s being among the highest. Getting a license from the Malta Gaming Authority, for example, costs around $30,000. The UK Gambling Commission license, on the other hand, is the cheapest, coming in at less than $10,000.

Pros of the Casino Kahnawake License

KGC has advantages for all types of players and operators. No wonder they have become one of the leading jurisdictions for players in Canada, and the following features is what we want to talk about:

  1. Speed - Compared to other authorities and licenses, the Kahnawake license can be acquired without long waiting periods.
  2. No Strings Attached – Any Kahnawake casino and its players rest assured that they can rely on the services of the KGC. The gaming commission is known for promptly attending to its clients, giving them all the necessary assistance.
  3. Helping Players - A gambling license exists, after all, to guarantee an excellent betting experience. Kahnawake takes this very seriously, and that is why their top priority is always on the correct use and protection of online gambling. 
  4. Zero Tax - What many companies find desirable is the fact that there is a 0% gaming tax on all gross gaming revenues. This helps entrepreneurs considerably to get a better clientele as well at a Kahnawake online casino.
  5. Low Costs - Both the application fees and the general costs involved in a KGC license are meager.

Casinos licensed by the KGC are incredibly safe. The regulatory authority is among the most significant jurisdictions in the iGaming industry.

Not only do they offer bonuses, but these bonuses are all controlled and fair to the players. If you want to find out what they are, then look at our casino lists and pick your favorite!


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