Online Poker in Canada

Online poker has become one of the most popular casino games in many online casinos in Canada. For newbies to online casino games, online poker is the internet version of the traditional poker card game.

What is Poker?

As with traditional poker, different online poker variants are available in the game libraries of many online casinos. Each variation has its own rules, but in general, the game is similar.  Consequently, this article will take a close look at the game of poker. Before we get into this online poker Canada review, check out some of the best online poker sites Canada below.

Traditional poker is a card game that requires two things, basically. These are card players and a standard deck of cards. Usually, players will wager over which hand is best. However, these wagers are determined by the particular rules of the poker variation players decide to play. The first mention of poker dates back as far in time as to the 16th century. Then, Germans played a bluffing card game called “Pochen.” That card game was refined by the French and renamed “Poque.” 

A refined version of the poque card game was developed by settlers in New Orleans in the 1830s and finally named the Poker we are used to today. There are many online poker Canada legal games available at the time.

Online poker Canada free games are quite popular because they encourage social activity and offer players a chance to win real money during gameplay.

General Poker Rules

There are general rules that apply to all forms of poker. These rules also apply to real money online poker Canada games. These include the following: 

  • Poker is usually played with a standard 52-card deck 
  • When playing poker, players can check, fold, or call their bets.
  • A player’s goal is to create a winning hand from the cards that are dealt with
  • Players are allowed to call at any point during gameplay
  • During a round of poker, the player with the best hand wins 
  • Players who fold or lose a round must surrender their bets to the player with the best hand.

Poker Terms

Like every other unique game, several terms are reserved for poker. These terms also apply to the best online poker Canada games. The table below lists some of the most important ones: 

Terminology Meaning
Action It can refer to the turn a player takes to play or the number of bets in the pot. 
Burn Turn the top card face down and discard it.
Community cards Each of these cards is available to all players and is used in making the final hand
Call Betting an equal amount to the previous bet. 
Calling Station A player who often calls the pot without raising or folding 
Fold To surrender your cards and forfeit any bets made before a hand is dealt.
Tilt Playing in a reckless or wild manner. 
All-In Playing with all your chips at once.
Bet Wagered money during a game of poker 
Bluff Making a bet with a hand that is mathematically unlikely to be the best, either to gain money or to confuse other players
Hole Cards Often referred to as “pocket cards”. The players receive these cards facedown.
Backing  Giving a player money and receiving a percentage of the profit they make as a return.
Buy-in  The amount needed to join a poker game. When it comes to cash games, this varies, but for tournaments, it’s fixed

Popular Poker Hands

A player can obtain a number of winning combinations using the cards given to them during poker. These winning combinations are also known as poker hands, and they apply to the poker online Canada games. 

This section will highlight some of the poker hands players can use to win during a round of poker:

  • Royal flush: Players must combine A, K, Q, J, 10, all the same suit, to call a royal flush.
  • Straight flush: Players must combine five cards in a sequence, all in the same suit, to call a straight flush.
  • Four of a kind: Players must have four cards of the same rank to land a four of a kind winning combination
  • Flush: To land a flush, players must combine five cards of the same suit. However, this card does not need to be in a sequence.
  • Straight: To land a straight, players must combine five cards in a sequence. However, this card does not have to be of the same suit.

Legality of Poker

The legal situation of gambling in Canada has become more permissive in recent times. So if you are wondering, is online poker legal in Canada the answer is yes. 

In general, gambling within the borders of Canada is illegal if it isn’t licensed or under government regulation. Therefore, any real money online poker Canada casino that intends to operate within Canada must be licensed and regulated by the Canadian authorities. 

Although a predominantly American game, poker has flourished in Canada for an extended period. The earliest mention of the legalization of poker games and gambling in Canada dates back to 1985. At the time, Canadian authorities legalized the use of gaming machines in their territory. Currently, there are over 100 different online casinos registered under regulatory authorities in Canada. Among these sites are the best online poker sites in Canada. These Canadian online poker sites are licensed and registered by top gambling authorities in Canada.

Versions of Poker

There are several versions of poker derived from the traditional poker game. This section will review several popular variants:

  • Texas Hold’em: Hold’em is a variant of poker played using a standard deck of 52 cards. The objective of players during gameplay is to land the best hand and win the entire pot. Popular variants include Ultimate Texas Hold’em and Speed Hold’em. This variant is available on many poker Canada online sites.
  • Omaha Hi: This game is typically played as a pot-limit game. Players must produce the highest hand to win the entire pot. Popular variants include Five-card Omaha and Six-card Omaha. 
  • Omaha Hi-Lo: In this version of poker, the pot is shared equally between the highest-ranked 5-card poker hand and the lowest-ranked. Popular variants include Limit Omaha Hi-Lo and Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo.
  • 7 Card Stud: For this version of poker, each player receives an individual hand. Furthermore, some cards will be placed face-up for all players to see, while others will be placed face-down, hidden from players. Popular variants include Low Card Wild and High Low Stud.
  • Caribbean Stud Poker: There are a few similarities between Caribbean Stud and Five-Card Stud Poker. This variant, however, is played against the house. 
  • Video Poker: Video poker is a fixed-odds poker game in which five cards are drawn. The variant of poker is usually available at online casinos.

Top Tournaments in Poker

These tournaments offer professional poker players a platform to showcase their skills and earn money. Some popular online poker in Canada tournaments include the following:

  • Sit & Go Poker: Currently the best poker tournament in Canada, poker players can view this event on several online poker real money Canada sites. Usually, over 300 players compete in this yearly poker event.
  • Head-Up Poker: This poker event is unique because it encourages one on one competition between poker players. This variant presupposes only two poker tables.
  • Freezeout Poker: This is an elimination-style tournament that offers poker players the opportunity to land huge payouts with a small bet. However, players must knock out other opponents to win the grand prize.
  • Turbo Poker: This is a fast poker tournament with high-speed blind levels. Usually, the blind levels in these events are fixed for four to six minutes. Many online poker real money Canada sites offer this tournament to their players

Poker on Your Mobile

There are several Canada online poker games available for download on such prominent platforms as Google Play Market and Apple Store. Consequently, Canadians who enjoy playing online poker can access these platforms to download the free version of these games.

At the moment, there are no real money poker apps in the Google Play Market in Canada. While Canadian players can play mobile poker legally, Google has decided not to list it. The Play Market does not allow foreign gambling apps, including online poker, since these are foreign companies and not Canadian.

How to Play For Real Money in The Casino

  1. Pick a Poker Site: The first step in playing for real money is to choose a poker site. There are several online casinos and poker sites available in Canada. You can check our list of best online poker sites for Canada to select a casino with the best offerings.
  2. Create an Account: The next step is to create an online poker real money account to begin gameplay. To begin this process, click on the sign-up or register button and complete the registration process.
  3. Make a Deposit: To play for real money, poker players must make a deposit. Check the deposit page on your casino and select the most appropriate deposit option for you.
  4. Make the Most Out of Your Bonuses: Several poker sites offer new players cool bonuses. New players should take advantage of such bonus offers.
  5. Play and Win: After completing their registration and making deposits, poker players can commence gameplay and hopefully win during gameplay.

When Poker Winnings Are Taxed

In Canada, taxes do not apply to poker players who are not playing the game professionally. However, poker players who play Canada poker online for a living must pay taxes on the money they earn. Therefore, players who register and win in an online casino are free from taxes on their winnings.

For owners of poker businesses, some specific laws apply in Canada. First off, the poker business must be licensed and registered under regulatory authorities in Canada. Also, poker businesses must keep financial records of their activities since the government will tax them. Usually, to seek legal counsel when setting up a poker business in the country.

Pieces of Advice for Beginners

This section will provide some working practical tips for new poker players:

  • Learn poker rules and poker rankings. Ideally, all players need to learn the rules for playing poker. This would include learning about positions and poker rankings. Learning about these positions and rankings is vital to winning poker rounds.
  • Start with low bets. New players need to start slow. This will mean starting with low bets when learning. In some cases, it will be better to play free games.
  • Learn a strategy. To win, players must learn and adopt a poker strategy before they commence full-time gameplay.


Yes, online poker is legal in Canada. However, gambling within the borders of Canada is illegal if it isn’t licensed or under government regulation. Therefore, any real money online poker Canada casino that intends to operate within Canada must be licensed and regulated by the Canadian authorities.

Many online poker sites offer deposit bonuses as incentives for players to deposit. However, these bonus offers are subject to terms and conditions. Before accepting any bonus, players are strongly advised to read the terms and conditions carefully.

Yes, many online casinos and poker sites offer free poker games to their players. Similarly, players can download free poker apps on their mobile devices using the google play store or apple store.

In Canada, taxes do not apply to poker players who are not playing the game professionally. However, poker players who play poker for a living must pay taxes on the money they earn. Additionally, poker businesses in Canada must be licensed and regulated by regulatory authorities. Furthermore, all such businesses are taxable.

There are several ways you can win playing poker. To achieve great results, players must learn a poker strategy - or a handful of them - and understand all poker positions and specific rankings.


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